Sasha Bell’s jewelry is modern, textural, and dynamic—her timeless pieces offer bold elegance for women of all ages.


Blending an ornately patterned aesthetic with a modern template, Sasha’s process draws inspiration from richly textured details found in nature, fractals, and primitive jewelry construction.


Her design education began at the Kootenay School of the Arts in British Columbia, where she completed the  Small Object and Jewelry Design program. Carrying forth from this education was a deep found love of design and joy of using her hands in the process of creative expression.


The current Sasha Bell Jewelry collection began in 2008 when Sasha relocated from Canada to Los Angeles. While waiting for her permanent residency to be approved, she dedicated herself completely to jewelry making, translating her design ideas into metal. It was at this time she began to sell her work on Etsy, a newly minted commerce platform. Sasha Bell's Jewelry was enthusiastically received and demand for her designs was quickly propelled forward. 


Her work has been featured on the TV show ‘Elementary’, being worn by Lucy Liu in her role as Joan Watson for several seasons with great acclaim.