Hi there,

You've likely come to this page because I've filed a copyright infringement notice again you and you're looking for more information. All of my designs are copyrighted and if you are selling them, you are doing so without my permission. Because my designs have been knocked off in India and other places, what has most likely happened is that you've purchased my designs wholesale and are now re-selling them through Etsy illegally. For more information on how copyright works, please ready through this page: www.etsy.com/legal/ip/

Etsy is a marketplace for designers to sell their personal designs that they have designed and manufactured, NOT to re-sell items purchased from wholesalers. For more information on what is allowed to be sold on Etsy, please read through this page: www.etsy.com/legal/sellers/ and specifically regarding re-selling here: www.etsy.com/help/article/4522

If I find that your shop is re-selling, I am going to report you to Etsy no questions asked. I've worked very hard to create my collection that is unique and stands apart as my own and I am not interested in having my designs tarnished with crappy knock offs. It's not flattering and it lacks artistic integrity on all fronts.  I will not be engaging in individual dialogue with people who are selling my copyrighted work, I just don't have time and energy for this. Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.